Hu-Friedy Piezon 250 Ultrasonic Scaler

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The Piezon 250 combines power, precision, design and function in a self-contained package with an irrigant bottle. The LED handpiece ensures enhanced visibility while the fingertip control delivers 35 individual power increments for the exact power you want, when you want it.
Hu-Friedy Piezon 250 Ultrasonic Scaler

- Large, ergonomic interface with fingertip control allows the clinician to easily select or change the desired power setting during use
- Illuminated handpiece remains lit for 20 seconds after the foot control is released for continued visibility of the treatment site and easier diagnosis
- Instantaneous tip amplitude adjustment offers smooth treatment and ultimate patient comfort
- Exceptionally low noise level during operation provides a more peaceful patient experience

Package Includes:

- Complete Piezon Unit
- 1 Piezon LED handpiece
- 3 EMS Swiss Instruments (1 of each A, P & PS)
- 1 - 350mL bottle
- 1 foot control switch
- 2 peristaltic pumps
- 1 handpiece cord