EMS Piezon 150 Ultrasonic Scaler

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EMS Piezon 150 Ultrasonic Scaler

The Piezon 150 combines power, precision, design and function in the smallest ultrasonic package available from Hu-Friedy. The Piezon 150 attaches to water system and has a unique external water filter and clear water line for biofilm detection. The LED handpiece ensures enhanced visibility while the fingertip control delivers 35 individual power increments for the exact power you want, when you want it.


- Finger-tip control with 35 power increments for effortless power regulation
- Boosted performance and safety in each clinical situation
- Convenient light assist timer with daylight quality
- Soft-Perio power zone


- 1 Original Piezon LED handpiece
- 3 EMS Swiss InstrumentsPM A, P, PS – each in CombiTorque
- 2 External water filters
- 1 2-step 360° foot switch
- 1 Handpiece cord