Dentsply Cavitron Prophy Jet Air Polishing Prophylaxis System

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Dentsply Cavitron Prophy Jet Air Polishing Prophylaxis System


- Prophy mode auto cycles with Tap-On Technology are designed to improve ergonomics by reducing foot pedal usage.
- Prophy mode auto cycles automatically alternate between air polish and rinse without a need to touch the pedal.
- Multiple studies have shown that air polishing has certain advantages over traditional rubber cup polishing including improved time efficiency.
- Finer water control allows for precise and convenient adjustment on the handpiece to the preferred setting.
- Autoclavable handpiece provides assurance against cross-contamination.
- Automated Purge Function enables you to do another task while the system flushes and facilitates adherence to infection control guidelines.


- 1x Cavitron Prophy-Jet Air Polishing System with Prophylaxis Handpiece Cable Assembly with swivel
- 1x Air Line Assembly (Black) with Filter and Quick Disconnect 
- 1x Water Line Assembly (Blue) with Filter and Quick Disconnect
- 1x Additional Water Line Filter
- 1x Detachable AC Power Cord 
- 1x Cavitron Tap-On Wireless Foot Pedal 
- 1x “AA” Batteries (4-Pack) 
- 1x Auxiliary Cable for Tap-On Foot Pedal 
- 1x Cavitron JET Air Polishing Insert with cleaning tool
- 1x JET-Mate Detachable Sterilizable Handpiece 
- 1x Prophy Handpiece Cleaning Wire 
- 1x Literature Packet 
- 1x PROPHY-JET Sodium Bicarbonate Prophy Powder
- 1x JET-Fresh Aluminum Trihydroxide Prophy Powder 
- 1x Powder Removal Container
- 2 Year Warranty
- Instruction Manual