Dentsply Cavitron BOBCAT Pro Ultrasonic Dental Scaler

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Dentsply Cavitron BOBCAT Pro Ultrasonic Dental Scaler

The Bobcat Pro Ultrasonic scaler combines reliability, practicality, robustness and quality all in a sleek modern enclosure. It is backed and supported by the extensive Cavitron range of 25K inserts.
The latest version of this unit was introduced in 2004, and features a number of upgraded features, without compromising quality, or value.


- 25kHz Power - Proven scaling efficacy. Operates all Cavitron 25K inserts
- Seamless enclosure - Easy to clean. Improved infection control in the dental operatory
- Vertical or horizontal orientation - Easy to accommodate in any operatory
- Compact - Improved panel controls. Unique styling and tactile indicators distinguish water and power control knobs
- Smooth integrated handpiece holder - Free of sharp corners and crevices. Easy to clean Improved cross infection control in the dental operatory
- Improved foot control - More stable (wider and weighted). Reduces need for constant repositioning during a procedure. Reduced the potential for flipping over causing damage
- Spring handpiece cable - Reduces crimping in water line therefore constant water flow during entire procedure. Allows for better movement of cord


- 1x BOBCAT Pro Unit
- 1x Single Position Foot Control
- 1x 25K Focused Spray PowerLine 1000 Ultrasonic Insert
- AC Power Cord set
- Instruction Manual Installation Requirements: 115V 3-prong grounded wall outlet, water supply.
- AC Power Cord set
- Cavitron Ultrasonic Inserts
- Cavitron DualSelect