InSight Visual Acuity System

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InSight Visual Acuity System

The InSight Visual Acuity System is an innovative solution to your acuity needs. It's the first LCD Acuity that does not require a PC! Not only do you get all your standard charts & tests, but the system includes animation.  The charts can be set to randomize for patients who may have memorized the chart.  In addition, you now have the option of a static chart, this chart presents the same opto types from your typical manual projector and does not randomize.

The Charts are as follows:

Illiterate E, Landolt Rings, Snellen, Numbers, and Allen Children

Range from 20/10 - 20/400



Ishihara, Cross Cylinder, Red Green Balance, Fixation, Astigmatism, Cross Grid, Coincidence, Schoeber, Worth 4 Dot, Red Green Panel, and Traffic Lights

Patient Education: Image Album (to be updated) 

Media Package - including Video (Finding Nemo)

Calibration for 3'-22'

This affordable solution comes complete with:

InSight Acuity Program 19" HDTV Wall Mount SD Card Finding Nemo DVD