Dentsply X-SMART PLUS Endodontic Micromotor Control

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Dentsply X-SMART PLUS Endodontic Micromotor Control Unit Complete Set

The X-Smart Plus micro-motor is a simple and easy to use unit designed for General Dental Practitioners performing root canal treatments with the reciprocating, single file technique or traditional continuous rotation file system. It enables the practitioner to fully focus on the patient and treatment due to its simplicity of use, as well as the excellent visibility access with the miniature contra-angle attachment.

This generation of the X-Smart endo motor is everything you like about the X-Smart with a plus:

No foot pedal

- On / Off button on the motor handpiece

Excellent visibility & access

- Due to the miniature contra-angle head

Simple & improved user interface

- Large bright colour screen
- Dedicated button controls
- “Click and go” navigation
- New design with optimised screen & keyboard ergonomics

Single file root canal shaping:

- Reciprocating motion - discover the WaveOne™ reciprocating file system

File selection at a single glance:

- ISO colour coded file library
- Pre-programmed settings for WaveOne, Protaper® Universal, PROTAPER NEXT™ Pathfile™, Gates and reciproc™
- 8 free programs for individual settings

The X-Smart Plus is operated by a rechargeable battery and provides in continuous rotation, a speed range between 250 and 1,200 rpm and a torque range between 0.6 and 4.0Ncm. A warning sound helps you keep track of the file stress and the auto reverse rotation at the torque limit reduces the risk of file breakage. The X-Smart Plus endo motor comes with a 3 year warranty.

Package Includes:

- Control unit
- Motor handpiece with cable and connector
- X-Smart Plus 6:1 contra angle
- Handpiece stand
- F-type spray nozzle (used for lubrication)
- AC adapter model Cincon Electronics Co. Ltd, TR30RAM180 with EU, UK, USA, AUS exchangeable plugs
- Torque card
- User manual