Ivoclar Vivadent Programat EP 5010

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Ivoclar Vivadent Programat EP 5010
  • Programat infrared technology for more comfort, process safety and efficiency;
  • QTK2 heating muffle with SiC base reflector for a homogenous heat distribution and outstanding press and firing results;
  • Electronic press drive with force sensor for a precise control of the press plunger in the micrometer range. Compressed air connection is not required;
  • Crack detection system (CDS) immediately interrupts the press process in case of a crack in the muffle;
  • Optical status display (OSD) informs about the actual operational status using different colours;
  • The automatic temperature calibration (ATK2) using two reference points enables a very accurate calibration;
  • Energy-saving technology for up to 40 % less power consumption in standby mode;
  • Multimedia functions like videos, MP3 and pictures;
  • Easy software updates with USB stick or WLAN;
  • Remote maintenance via data file for an optimum support through the service centre;
  • USB and Ethernet interface, SD card reader.
Technical data:

32.0 x 49.5 x 55.0 cm without object tray, 39.0 x 49.5 x 55.0 cm with object tray; 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz; power input max. 8 A; firing temperature max. 1200 °C; firing chamber ø 90 mm, height 80 mm; 20.5 kg; white.

Delivery includes:

Programat EP 5010 complete with power cable; vacuum hose; tray L for fired objects; SiC storage tray; tongs support; mould cooling grit; Programat firing tray kit 2; automatic temperature control set ATK2 (sample for testing); Programat USB stick; USB cable; Programat WLAN kit; display cleaning cloth and spare fuses.