FONA CDR Dental X-Ray System Schick CDR Sensor Size 2

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FONA CDR Dental X-Ray System Powered by Schick CDR Sensor Size 2
CDR is a proven intraoral sensor that delivers excellent images right on your computer screen.
FONA CDR is the base of modern sensors designed by SCHICK, the company that brought the # 1 ranked image quality and the world’s only field replaceable cable in intraoral radiology.
  • Digital radiography made easy
  • Comfortable for the patient
  • Easy to position and use
  • Intuitive OrisWin DG Suite software
  • No need of repeated exposure Excellent image quality
  • Revolutionary CMOS APS technology
  • Digital images instantly available
  • High quality radiographs for precise diagnosis Long term reliability
  • Designed and built to last
  • Sensor life of over 400. 000 exposures
  • Technology : CMOS APS

CDR Sensor Kit includes :
  • CDR Sensor
  • Calibration CD
  • Sensor Care Guide
CRD USB remote HS includes :
  • USB remote HS Software
  • Mounting hardware manual
  • USB A/B CABLE 5 M 




CMOS APS (Active Pixel Sensor) 

Signal-to-Noise Ratio 


Sensor Thickness 

< 5 mm 

External Dimensions 

Sensor Size 0: 31x22 mm, Sensor Size 1: 37x24 mm, Sensor Size 2: 43x30 mm

Active Sensor Area 

Sensor Size 0: 24x18 mm, Sensor Size 1: 30x20 mm, Sensor Size 2: 36x26 mm


High Speed USB 2.0 

Sensor Cable length 

1,80 m 

USB Cable length

5 m