Dentsply EndoActivator Root Canal Irrigator

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The EndoActivator System uses safe, non-cutting polymer tips in an easy-to-use hand piece to quickly and vigorously agitate irrigant solutions during endodontic therapy.

Evidence-based endodontics has shown that cavitation and acoustic streaming significantly improve debridement and the disruption of the smear layer and biofilm. The EndoActivator System is designed to safely and vigorously energize the hydrodynamic phenomenon.  Activated fluids promote deep cleaning and disinfection into lateral canals, fins, webs, and anastomoses.  A cleaned root canal system facilitates 3-D obturation and long-term success.

Package Include

* Handpiece/Driver
* Box of 25 Small Activator Tips (15/02) Yellow
* Box of 25 Medium Activator Tips (25/04) Red
* Box of 25 Large Activator Tips (35/04) Blue
* Box of 100 Protective Barriers
* Directions for Use
* Instructional DVD