Haag-Streit BX 900 LED Table Slit Lamp

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Haag-Streit BX 900 LED Table Slit Lamp

The Haag-Streit BX 900 LED slit lamp is designed for the professional ophthalmic photographer. Integrated flash, fully synchronized with the camera, LED powered slit and background illumination, are all controlled through a release mechanism immediately beside the slit lamp joystick, as well as adapters allowing for the fitting of many top of the range professional level digital and 35 mm cameras.


  • LED powered slit and background illumination
  • Integrated synchronised flash
  • Modeling control for reflections
  • Ergonomic one-hand illumination control
  • Full exposure control through a true aperture optical system
  • Unique quick return mirror providing 100% illumination for viewing and 100% flash energy to camera
  • Remote trigger independent of slit lamp focus control
  • Adapters for Canon and Nikon cameras (APS sensor size)
  • Interface with EyeCap for rapid download of images
  • EyeSuite Imaging
  • Includes instrument table

(Price excluding camera, software and computer)