ReSeeVit Stereo Module Software

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ReSeeVit Stereo Module Software

The ReSeeVit Stereo Module is an optional addition to ReSeeVit 5.0 Digital Imaging Software. It is a powerful image manipulation tool that allows stereo pairs images to be optimized for viewing. You can manipulate, view, print and save images in several stereo view-able formats including:

* 3D viewer
* Anaglyph
* Liquid crystal shutter glasses

Screen Mode
The ReSeeVit Stereo Module provides a screen mode which is optimized for viewing stereo images and an edit mode which is optimized for editing stereo images. For example in screen mode, images in the side-by-side format are scrolled in stereo so that large images can always be viewed with stereo viewer. Also in screen mode the interlaced format is compatible with zooming and scrolling images. When screen mode is disabled, the output version of the image is displayed. 

Stereo Mode
The ReSeeVit Stereo Module has a stereo mode which enables stereo format conversions and stereo editing functions. When the stereo mode is not enabled the stereo functions revert to their non-stereo versions 

Two and One File Input Modes

Each program allows stereo pairs to be loaded from either one or two files. The Professional Edition provides more options for automatically searching for pairs from two files. 

* Dual screen support (runs GeoWall) 
* Stereo Card Templates (Modern and Classic) 
* Batch printing (multiple images per page) 
* Stereo text
* Stereo color balance
* Color channel mixer
* Saturation/Luminosity editing tool
* Advanced cropping function
* Fit to sharp feature alignment tool 

Additional Features: 
* Re-size images
* Stereo (or mono) rotations 
* Stereo (or mono) horizontal perspective (keystone)
* Stereo (or mono) vertical perspective (keystone) 
* Automatically re-size images on loading
* Fit image to window
* Automatically load image pairs from separate files using file tags or file sequence
* Create stereo borders with mat and frame components with several style options
* Color balance, brightness and saturation editing
* Batch process images
* Create slideshows for display or batch processing using character and numeric wildcards
* Generate file names from a keyword during batch processing or file renaming
* Load stereo images from one or two files
* Convert anaglyph images to other stereo formats
* Stereo cropping and alignment functions
* Swap left and right images in any stereo format
* Zoom and scroll images in any stereo format
* Create instant slideshows when opening files
* Slideshow player commands