Gilras Ophthalmic Autorefractor Keratometer GRK-6000

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Gilras Ophthalmic Autorefractor Keratometer GRK-6000

Features of the GRK-6000                                        
▪ Auto Refractor / Keratometer
▪ Auto Tracking Mechanism 
▪ Ergonomic LCD Monitor with Tilt
▪ Multidirectional Joystick
▪ Autoshot Function                
          ▪ Motorized Chinrest 
          ▪ Printer and Paper Cutter
          ▪ Locking Lever
         ▪ Automatic Sleep Mode                
   autorefractor keratometer GRK-6000 Gilras    Auto Refractor/Keratometer       
 With the GRK-6000 you can comfortably and accurately perform refractometry and keratometry.      
Auto Tracking Mechanism     
When the patient is within working range and is roughly aligned, the GRK-6000 automatically starts alignment in the up/down direction.     
autorefractor keratometer GRK-6000 Gilras
 Ergonomic LCD Monitor with Tilt     
You can operate the GRK-6000 while sitting or standing. The 5.7" LCD Monitor tilts to adjust for individual viewing preferences.          
autorefractor keratometer GRK-6000 Gilras autorefractor keratometer GRK-6000 Gilras
Multidirectional  Joystick     
 Move and rotate the multidirectional joystick to manually achieve perfect alignment and focus.      
    autorefractor keratometer GRK-6000 Gilras  
 autorefractor keratometer GRK-6000 Gilras    Autoshot Option         
To begin measurement, simply press the button located on the joystick. Alternately, with the auto-measure function turned on, the GRK-6000 will begin measurements automatically when the patient is aligned and focused.          
Motorized Chinrest     
The  GRK-6000 features a motorized chinrest that allows you to easily adjust the  patient's level.      
    autorefractor keratometer GRK-6000 Gilras  
   autorefractor keratometer GRK-6000 Gilras    Printer  and Paper Cutter     
 The built-in  printer provides immediate results. The findings are then automatically cut for  your convenience.     
 Locking  Lever     
The  main body can easily be locked to its base with the touch of a single lever.         
    autorefractor keratometer GRK-6000 Gilras  
Automatic Sleep Mode     
 The  system automatically enters sleep mode to conserve energy and prevent  overheating. You can program how long the device should be inactive before  entering sleep mode.     

    autorefractor keratometer GRK-6000 Gilras


Measurement Mode
Cornea / Refractometry 
Measurement Mode
Keratometry & Refractometry
Mode of Keratometry Refractometry
Refractometry Measurement Mode Keratometry
Vertex distance (VD) 0,10 12,13, 13.5, 15 mm
Sphere (SPH) -20.00 ~ +20.00 (VD: 12mm, 0.12 or 0.25D)
Cylinder (CYL) -0.00 ~ +/-10.00D (0.12 or 0.25D)
Axis(AX) 0 ~ 180° (Step: 1°)
Cylinder Form - + - +
Pupil Distance (PD) 30 ~ 85mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter 2.0mm
Measuring Time 0.07 sec
Radius of Curvature 5 ~ 10.2mm (Unit: 0.01mm)
Corneal Refractometry 33.00 ~ 67.50D 
(Unit: 0.12 / 0.25D)
Corneal Astigmatism 0.00 ~ - 15.00D
Unit: 0.12 / 0.25D
Corneal Diameter 2.0 ~ 12.0mm Unit: 0.1mm
Printer Thermal Line Printer
Save Settings Nominate by 3, 5, 10 min
Display 6.4-inch color TFT LCD monitor
Auto Tracing Function +/- 16mm
Range (up and down direction only)
Power Supply AC100~240V, 50/60Hz , 90W
Dimension / Weight 480(L) X 270(W) X 445(H) mm / 17 Kg
Jaw Panel Max. 55 mm