Bien Air Optima MX Electric Motor Set

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Bien Air Optima MX Electric Motor Set

Touch-sensitive screen control, allowing fast and easy installation without modifying the unit.


* OPTIMA MX ensures absolute control of the sterilisable, brushless, MX micromotor. This innovative concept allows most operations, including NiTi endodontics, to be covered with just 2 contra-angle handpieces.
* OPTIMA MX offers perfect speed and torque control and auto reverse.
* Its touchscreen display is easy to use and the 5 programs may be customised.
* Speeds from 100 to 200,000 rpm with CA 1:1 and CA 1:5 ratios.
* The speed is adjusted with the existing pedal.
* The MX motor is fitted with a quick-connect rotary coupling.
* OPTIMA MX can be installed quickly and is directly operational via simple connection to a 4-hole hose.

Comes with:

* 1 Optima MX control unit
* 1 80 to 240 Vac transformer
* 1 stylus
* 1 B4VX hose with quick-connect coupling
* 1 MX micromotor, sterilizable
* Complete set for 1 micromotor