NSK Presto Aqua II High Speed Air Turbine Grinder

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NSK Presto Aqua II High Speed Air Turbine Grinder

Lubrication-Free Air Turbine Handpiece with Water Spray 

PRESTO AQUA is a high-speed laboratory handpiece with a built-in water supply to spray water directly to a bur and a work spot. Sprayed water eliminates heat generated on the target substrate even in a prolonged application. Specially designed head protection mechanism prevents debris from entering into handpieces and helps to extend turbine's life substantially.


- Ideal for precise ceramic cutting and finishing
- Ultra-high speed no lubrication air turbine
- Chip air blows away the cutting powder and cools the cutting tool
- Coolant water spray which enables shorter operation time and longer bur life 
- Easily removable water bottle 250ml
- Direct water system
- Decrease dispersal of debris and chips
- Swivel twist-free handpiece Low noise and vibration
- Unique dust-proof mechanism to protect internal components from debris
- Dimensions W90 x D270 x H230 (mm)
- Reduces the heat generated by cutting to extend the service life of the bur
- 320,000 min-1(rpm)r 

Package Includes:

- Presto Aqua II Unit
- Presto Aqua handpiece
- Foot control 
- QD-J B3 coupling
- Hose for Presto Aqua II
- Secondary hose